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PH: 408.729.1028   San Jose, CA.

Services and Pricing

Give me the oportunity to provide an AFFORDABLE SOLUTION to your problem!

For specific repairs or troubleshooting, call us with the details!

Most services include FREE pickup and delivery.*

I offer SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS! Additional price discounts may apply when combined with other services.

If you are having trouble with your computer, we are the one to get you back up and running at the most affordable price!. Also, due to continuing changes in market pricing, we purchase parts to take advantage of discount prices (when available) and pass the savings to you.

We value our customers! We offer services that are fast, flexible, affordable, and guaranteed it to be done to your satisfaction!

Check out some of the more popular service items and packages. 

Normal Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri:    8:00AM - 5:00PM

(extended weekday & weekend on-site hours may be arranged by appointment)

NOTE: Please leave a detailed voice message. As a courtesy to my clients, I do not answer calls while servicing their PC. 
I regularly check for messages and return calls between service calls and during weekends and off hours when available.

Shop Services - Most shop services can be completed within 24 hours!

On-Site Labor Rates:

General Services - $75.00 /hr. (1 hour minimum charge).*
(calls during normal business hours and by appointment)

Priority Services - $100.00 /hr. (1 hour minimum charge).*
(unscheduled business hours or emergency calls after hours)

 Common Services:
Install/Upgrade Windows Operating Systems

Add /Replace any of the following:
Sound Cards
Video Cards
Network Cards (NICs)
DVD/CD-ROM, or Hard Drives
Additional Hardware Devices

 Other services:   
Wired & Wireless Networks
Data Recovery
Data Transfer
Software installation updates and/or removal
Virus / Spyware Removal

.... and more.

Maintenance Package -  $119.99

[Recommended at least once a year]

-Virus Scan and System cleanup as needed to improve performance
-Clean and dust all internal components and fans
-Check for internal faulty cables and/or components
-Externally clean and detail your computer
-Full diagnostic on all hardware including Drives, Memory, Video, Sound, Modem, etc.

"Clean Sweep" Package -  $149.99

Recommended if you've been experiencing repeated problems with the
Windows Operating System and Programs. Many failures are due to repeated/incorrect
 installation and removal, and/or incorrect or outdated drivers, as well as damaged files
caused by viruses and spyware.]

Includes Deluxe Maintenance Package (see above) plus:
-Re-format and validate your hard drive.
-Re-install your original system software with your licensed version of Windows.*
-Load all critical updates available for your presently installed version of Windows.
-Load any necessary hardware driver updates.
-Recover & reload your important files. (addition charges may apply)*

* Notes:
- Additional costs will apply for any replacement parts.
- Data is only recoverable from mechanically functional Hard Drives. Additional charges will apply for additional recordable media.
- Original Recovery CDs supplied by the manufacture, along with Certificate of Authentication and Product Codes must be supplied by the customer for full Operating System and Applications restoration.

Additional costs will apply for additional S/W program installations.


Home Wire/Wireless Network Packages

 [Please call for personal price quote]

- Wireless Access Points / Routers
- Desktop PCI Ethernet Adaptor Cards
- Network Cables
- Laptop Wireless PC Cards
- Installation and Setup.

Please Note:

Because of various hardware requirements of home wireless systems, components and pricing can be tailored to a variety of configurations and can include....
 - multiple desktop and laptop PCs
- combination of wired and wireless networks

Please contact me for your specific requirements.

*Parts availability and pricing are subject to change without notice.

 *Typical service delivery area is within 15 mile radius. For service calls beyond a 15 mile radius, additional charges may be proportionally applied to compensate for increased travel time and expenses.