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All About Me & Bug Bytes Computer Services

Hi !   My name is Patrick.

Over 20 years ago, it was my self-motivated interest in computers that originally got me started. And with 15 years of work with Military Defense Systems and another 10 years with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computers were essential. So I became self-sufficient in my jobs and trained in whatever was needed to keep my computers running,  up to date and problem-free.

As a result of my experience (and because everyone knew I enjoyed the challenge), it became obvious that not everyone has the desire to want to know the inner workings of a computer. Many just want their PC to start up every day and go!

So I established BUG BYTES Computer Services to offer home computer users and home businesses an affordable option for upgrading and repairing their computer.  With my years of experience, I can give users an honest and practical path to resolve their computer problem.  Sure... technology continually changes, but not everyone needs (or wants) the latest and greatest computers and accessories. If your present computer needs repair, I'll be glad to help you!  I'll give you honest choices as to what work needs to be done. If there is an upgrade path available for your hardware, I can help you to get the most with the computer system you already own.


Go ahead and give me a call!

After your first call, you'll wonder how you've gotten along without me,
your own Personal Computer Support Specialist!
After all... aren't you frustrated with those lengthy (and sometimes useless) support calls?

You called your computer manufacture with a problem and they tell you it's a software problem? ...so you call the software company and they tell you to call your computer company? ....get the idea?
I'll save you from those frustrations!

Who's got the time to stop working and take your PC to a repair shop?

Keeping your job is more important today than ever before! And if your computer is part of your job, it's even more important to get it repaired ASAP!

I know your time is valuable! You would have to unplug everything and haul it down to the shop. When it's finally fixed, you'd have to bring it home again and hopefully plug all those wires back in the right places. Sound familiar?  So by letting me come to you,  it saves you time and allows me to see the problem exactly where it happens. There's less hassle for you trying to explain the problem and alot easier for me to see it!

And I'll make it even easier.... by appointment, I can arrange for an early evening pickup or delivery when you get home!


Hey... everybody has a car mechanic they can trust, and a tax guy to help you with your taxes.

Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal computer guy, too?